“Chapter 4.5” reading: quantum circuits, entanglement, teleportation, superdense coding

by Paul Pham

I hope you had a Happy Halloween! Since I was sick last week, I instead assigned a reading, the so-called “Chapter 4.5”, cobbled together from Dave Bacon’s notes on quantum circuits, entanglement, teleportation, and superdense coding. Understanding it will use the concept of measurement, which we discussed in lecture this past Tuesday. It really is an appropriate theme, since Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.” In a sense, quantum spookiness haunted him and Max Planck all their lives, like a ghost. Okay, I’m stretching here.

There was no new homework. Instead, your homework will just be catching up on all old homework up to Chapter 4, including the problems that require you to post in the Catalyst message board.

These are Dave’s excellent, original lecture notes from winter 2006. You can read the full versions here, if you are curious:

You’ll need these in future assignments, which will involve drawing quantum circuits and understanding entanglement.