Quantum Computing for Beginners

A class for quantum enthusiasts

Month: December, 2012

Final class meeting

Here are the slides for the final lecture, where we graded Chapter 7 problems and discussed how to encode NP-complete optimization problems onto a D-Wave architecture, as well as designing a cryptosystem around any such problem.

I’d like to gratefully acknowledge the following people:

  • my students for their effort and creativity this quarter
  • Stephen Rice for his illustrations
  • anyone who sent me support and feedback over Facebook, Twitter, and email, especially Ryan Bowler, Blake Stacey, and Dave Bacon
  • my advisor Aram Harrow and the quantum theory group at UW

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to finish the historical narrative that went along with the course material.

However, I intend to keep developing this class, and I’d like to offer improved versions in the future. I hope you enjoyed following along as much as I enjoyed teaching the class. Happy holidays!

Chapter 7 public release

Final problems related to Shor’s factoring algorithm, physical qubit experiments, and the D-Wave developer kit. Solutions are also available.

Lecture notes on quantum machine learning and D-Wave

Here are the slides from class on Tuesday, December 4th, on the connection between quantum computing and machine learning via the quantum annealing algorithm, and also a little bit about the D-Wave architecture.