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Chapter 3 available for unlocking

Chapter 3 is now available for unlocking, where we finally learn how to combine single qubits into a multi-qubit register, and Dirac arrives in Goettingen for Bohr’s lecture marathon. If you are in the class, please email me your solutions to unlock this chapter.

Anonymous feedback form

If you’d like to give me comments, questions, and suggestions about the class without revealing your identity, please use this nifty new Catalyst anonymous e-mail form. There’s no way for me to reply to you directly, but I’ll try to address any feedback I receive in class, on the mailing list, or on this blog if appropriate.

Otherwise, you can just e-mail me at my normal school address: ppham at cs dot washington dot edu.

Class mailing list

Be sure to sign up for the class mailing list to receive announcements! It is the main way I will be communicating with students outside of class.

You can sign up even if you are not a registered student, if you want to keep up with happenings in the class and receive random interesting emails from me.

I’ll update this on the logistics page.

First class on Tuesday, 9/25, 2:30pm in MGH 295

Hey class! Remember that our first meeting is at the time and place below:

Tuesday, September 25th

2:30pm – 3:20pm

MGH 295

All other details will be revealed at that time. But you can read ahead on this blog about the logisticssyllabusclass format.